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Tremont Wood Specialties has carved out its reputation as a premium producer of Fine Architectural Woodwork for yachts, homes and airplanes. At Tremont, skilful hands mould fine woods of stunning beauty into masterpieces of excellence. With meticulous attention to detail and adhering to rigid quality standards and innovative engineering, high performance home, yacht and airplane interiors are manufactured to the highest standards.


Tremont Wood was founded 16 years ago. Fine quality custom boat joinery and yacht cabinetry has long been the hallmark of Tremont. However, we have extensive experience in stairways and railings, high-end home interiors, industrial woodwork and challenging millwork projects. Whether fitting out a mega-yacht's furniture, or building your home library, the ability to craft wood into functional, elegant joinery is the mainstay of this company. Such finely crafted work will add to both the enjoyment and the value of your vessel, airplane or home for many years to come.


At Tremont we pride ourselves on being able to design, construct, and apply finishes in our own factory, giving us the ability to control all aspects of any project. With a total of 28,000 square feet of floor space available to us now, we are able to bring in a floor liner (if necessary) and fasten all components right into place. We form our own curved panels and doors using vacuum - this enables us to produce smooth and beautiful cabinetry. Over the years we've perfected our ability to carefully plan and control delivery dates, according to the client's needs and requests. Whether it requires 4 or 24 people to get the job done on time, Tremont does what it takes to get world-class projects done right and on time.
About Tremont Wood Specialties
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