Custom Woodwork - Kitchens, Stairways, Cabinetry

Tremont is proud to represent Elmwood Fine Custom Cabinetry – one of Canada’s leading cabinetry manufacturers offering a wide range of products and finishes able to satisfy clients’ particular design and budget requirements. With your input, Tremont will design cabinetry for your kitchen, bathroom and any other room in room in your home, that is both functional and stylish ...

We know it can be overwhelming to choose from many different cabinet manufacturers. At Tremont we provide honest answers. Bring us your ideas, your wish list and within days you will have a rendering and a realistic estimate. We won't give you a low number and then surprise you with extras. Right off the bat we let you know what everything is going to cost. We have the expertise to make recommendations and to help you save money but at the same time never losing sight of the reason why you have come to us: creating a beautiful and long-lasting gorgeous kitchen!

Besides kitchens, we are also known for wine cellars, architectural millwork, home theaters, light-weight timber frame and more.

The philosophy was started with: "it's more than builders' quality." We set out to build beautiful custom cabinets for homeowners. The process we set up for building custom cabinets allows individuals to build their own ideas of style and quality. We show homeowners that there is no such thing as builders' quality when you are building your own custom home.

We do not price cabinets to be built by lineal foot. We price cabinets based on people's ideas, styles and wishes. Once the pricing for your custom cabinets is determined we give a guarantee for building cost. We will not change your budget if you do not change your ideas!

Timing: We are known to stay on track and deliver cabinets to people on time. Our average construction time for a set of new cabinets runs from 6 to 8 weeks. We stay on time because we are focused on each project at all times and communicate with homeowners on a regular basis. We promise this process will keep all our clients on budget and on time.

Our business is strictly referral base, so we treat every project with great importance and professionalism. All information on our projects is always kept private and confidential.

If you are looking for true value from a company you can trust you should pay us a visit.