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Nothing Less than Custom

We subscribe to tried and true traditional values and ideologies. On every project, it is our desire to not only provide our client with the best possible results for the budget, but in doing so to establish a relationship of trust. The success in doing that results in smoother, stress free projects. We understand that this business is all about people, about how we can meet the needs of our clients, and maybe set a good example along the way.

Every project taken on by us is built as if it were built for family, plain and simple. Our commitment to you begins with listening to your thoughts and ideas and results in a final product that you and your client will be very happy with.

Excellence Integrity Dependability

Who We Are

Berman Interiors has been a reliable source for custom woodwork in both the residential and commercial markets across North America and beyond. From architectural millwork to custom kitchen cabinetry, we can help bring your vision to life. Our customers know they can count on our expertise to produce stunning, quality product on time and within budget.

Over the years, we have transformed into a successful business, serving clients all over the world. Berman Interiors has managed to sustain a competitive pricing structure and produce quality products on time by teaming up with reputable woodworking manufacturers.

What Sets Us Apart

We stay on track and deliver quality cabinets, staircases and wood doors to you on time. Our average construction time for a project is six to eight weeks. We stay on time and communicate with homeowners and contractors on a regular basis, letting you know the current status of your project.

We also have the expertise to make recommendations and to help you save money. But at the same time we never lose sight of the reason why you have come to us: to supply you with beautiful and long-lasting wood products. Besides kitchens, we are also known for building wine cellars, home theatres, architectural millwork, regular and special stairways, lightweight timberframe and more.

We know it can be overwhelming to choose from many different cabinet manufacturers. At Berman Interiors, we are committed to providing honest answers to all your woodworking needs. Bring us your ideas and your plan: Within days you will have a proposal and an accurate estimate. We won't give you a low number and then surprise you with "extras". Right off the bat we let you know what "extras" you will need and how much each of them is going to cost.

If you are looking for a true value for your money, call our custom architectural millwork company to set up your first appointment today.

What Our Clients Say

"Quality is superb, their understanding of yacht furniture is phenomenal…"

"Your joiner-work is world-class and the finished installations have set a standard for future American builds."

"We LOVE being in the room and people who see it are stunned."

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